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Students may cover the cost of room and board out of pocket or work it off through the summer work program. Deep Springs College, a 2-year college in Inyo County, California, also offers free tuition. The result is an extremely focused education that lands jobs for 100% of Webb's graduating class.

The Air Force Academy, along with the 4 other federally funded service institutions -- the U. The Webb Institute isn't the only school that saves money by limiting its academic offerings.

Clearly, the two realize, each organization has something very valuable to offer the other.

During the next few months, the foundation and the manufacturing company come up with a plan for a joint campaign against child abuse.

The two parties sign a contract stating that the company will underwrite the production of three TV spots, which will run during a six-month period. More than 20 million women are expected to see the spots; half of those women will see them more than once.

The foundation’s director and the company’s CEO are elated.

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The HRSA-supported health plan coverage guidelines, developed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), will help ensure that women receive a comprehensive set of preventive services without having to pay a co-payment, co-insurance or a deductible.

These tuition-free or tuition-reduced schools are easy on the wallet and high on value. To reduce the cost of hiring outside labor, the College of the Ozarks requires all students to work 15 hours per week on campus and 2 40-hour work weeks during the school year in positions ranging from landscaping to administrative jobs. RATE SEARCH: Thinking about getting a home equity loan? The Webb Institute finds much of its funding through endowments, but it also saves money by offering only 2 select majors.

Any grant or scholarship money students receive through other sources is also applied to tuition costs, and all remaining tuition is covered by the school's more than 7 million endowment. -- Alice Lloyd College, Berea College, Blackburn College, Sterling College, Ecclesia College and Warren Wilson College -- have similar business models, though Alice Lloyd College and Berea College are the only others that offer totally free tuition. At this engineering college, all students double major in naval architecture and marine engineering and take on a "winter work" internship every year that provides them with real-world experience in the maritime industry.

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At a political fund-raiser, the director of a national child-welfare foundation meets the executive vice president of a women’s clothing manufacturer. The director describes her organization’s efforts to increase the public’s awareness of the need for early detection of and intervention in child abuse cases.

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